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There is no practical difference between a lawyer and solicitor, reference to one is meant as a reference to another.

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We are not medical professionals. You should review all medical issues carefully with your doctor or healthcare professional before making any decisions regarding your health or recommended medical treatment.

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We have taken several precautions to try ensure communications with us through this site are secure. But please remember that the internet and e-mail are not 100% secure and you may wish to avoid sending us sensitive or confidential internet and e-mail messages unless they are adequately encrypted.

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Time Limits

Important: You should also be aware that the statutes limit the time for you file any personal injury claim you may have. Failing to comply with those limitations could cause you to lose all or part of your claims. Not knowing about these time limitations is normally no excuse for missing them. We recommend you seek legal advice and representation sooner rather than later, including in relation to your limitation period.

Representations About Costs

We make representations in relation to legal costs on this website. While we are take reasonable care to ensure these representations are accurate, ultimately legal costs are determined by reference to your Client Agreement and the law. You should carefully read and understand our Client Agreement before making conclusions about costs, and consider seeking independent legal advice about your Client Agreement and costs generally.

If you have questions or concerns about your legal costs, you are welcome to call us on (08) 9466 2922 to discuss them over the telephone and we will make every effort to clarify terms and address your concerns.

Jurisdiction: Western Australia

The solicitors at Bradley Law are admitted to practice in State of Western Australia. When making representations on this website, we do so assuming the subject matter is based in Western Australia. We can act for people who are interstate or even overseas, but if your accident or personal injury case involves another jurisdiction(s) you should also seek advice about your rights and obligations for any claim from accident and personal injury lawyers in that jurisdiction(s) too.